Episode 41 | Part 3:  How Do I Enlist My Team


This is the third episode in our 7-part series on “What is Fundraising Freedom and How Can I Get It?” This third step is centered around how to enlist your team. Learn how to find and recruit your lead volunteer, that one person who can serve as a team captain for your leadership team. Mary shares stories of how she has identified and gone after previous leaders for the organizations she’s worked with and encourages you to go enlist your team.

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Episode 40 | Part 2:  How Do I Run My Research


This is the second episode in our 7-part series on “What is Fundraising Freedom and How Can I Get It?” This second step is centered around how to run your research to understand your allies, competition, prospects and yourself. Identify how to best reach out and get the information you need to prepare for your next fundraising campaign.

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Episode 39 – Part 1:  How Do I Focus My Vision


This is the first episode in our 7-part series on “What is Fundraising Freedom and How Can I Get It?” This first step is centered around how to focus your vision to attain maximum clarity so your donors know who you are and what you stand for.

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Episode 37 | How the 80/20 Rule Could Change Your Fundraising


The 80/20 Rule, commonly called the Pareto principle, states how 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This principle can be a great tool in our tool belt as we tackle our fundraising goals. Find out how you can use this rule to increase the odds that you’ll achieve your fundraising goal and be productive while doing it.

Episode 35 | How to Show Up, Filled Up to Every Ask


Most people show up to opportunities and experiences in their life with an empty cup. They show up looking for others to serve them. They make decisions based on what’s in it for them and not what’s in it for others. What would happen if you showed up with your cup full? Could you eliminate the fear and self-limiting beliefs all together?

Episode 34 | How to Fundraise in the Midst of a Disaster like Hurricane Harvey


Find out what to do when a disaster strikes and you still have funds to raise. How do you and your organize move forward without taking a major loss?

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Episode 33 | The 10 Differences Between Busy and Productive People


1.Busy people are hard workers. Productive people are smart workers.

2.Busy people look like they have a mission. Productive people have a mission.

3.Busy people are fixated on taking action (just do something). Productive people focus on clarity before action.

4.Busy people try to do it all on their own. Productive people find the best people and tools to help them.

5.Busy people have a lot of priorities. Productive people have only a few.

6.Busy people say yes to the good stuff. Productive people say yes to the great stuff (take their time).

7.Busy people talk about how busy they are. Productive people let their results do the talking.

8.Busy people talk about how little time they have. Productive people make time for what is important.

9.Busy people multitask. Productive people focus.

10.Busy people let others control their direction. Production people set their direction and continuously reevaluate their progress.

Are you productive or just busy?

Episode 31 | How One Donor Can Unlock the Door to Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands of New Donors


In this episode, Mary shows you how to reach out to your ideal donor, ask the right questions, and get the exact verbiage you need to attract future donors to your cause. Learn how to create your target donor profile and understand how you can use testimonials to increase donations from your current donors and bring in tens, hundreds and thousands of new donors.

Episode 30 | How Your Personality Type Plays An Important Role In Your Fundraising


Mary dives into the DISC model to discuss how to use your personality type to your advantage and how to surround yourself with the right people to build out your fundraising team. Using the DISC model, you have the ability to develop insights (Sherlock Holmes Research) after only a few minutes of working with someone.

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Episode 29 | What To Do When Donations Come With Strings Attached?


What options do you have when your donors become hard to please? Learn how to avoid getting yourself into   the position and what to do once your there. This episode addresses the reality around giving and receiving gifts.

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Episode 28 | An Interview With Karl Meisterheim, Owner of SupportGoal


How would it feel to know at a glance the status of your fundraising and whether you or your charity will be getting paid this month? This episode is a behind the scenes interview with the owner and founder of SupportGoal, a support raising tool created by former fundraiser and missionary, Karl Meisterheim. After raising personal support for a decade, Karl created SupportGoal in hopes of seeing more missionaries and nonprofit leaders thrive in the area of fundraising.

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Episode 27 | 3 Ways To Achieve That Big Goal


Whatever that BIG goal is in your life there are only three ways to go after it.

Do you…

  1. Go it alone
  2. Hire a coach
  3. Recruit a team

Mary shares her experience with coaches and how they have transformed her view on how to reach her big goals.

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Episode 26 | How to Know When It’s Time to Remove a Donor From Your Prospect List


We all have those prospect names that remain on our list for weeks, months and sometimes years. The question we often ask is, “When do I remove them from my list?” On this episode we drill down into this question by asking the right questions and organizing our lists so we don’t waste time or energy.

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Episode 24 | How Much Should I Ask For?


The #1 question all fundraisers ask is “How much should I ask for?” Do you ever wonder if you ask for too much you may insult your potential donor or if you ask for too little that could be a disaster as well. Mary takes on the question and gives you the tips so you know how to ask for the appropriate amount and never leave money on the table.

Episode 22 | How to Mobilize Your Donors to Spread Your Message


It’s one thing to have a donor, but it’s another thing for that donor to advocate on your behalf. Mary shows you how to motivate your donors to share your message and share it better than you.

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Episode 21 | How To Create a Burning Desire To Reach Your Fundraising Goal


Get the 6 steps you need to create a burning desire and reach your fundraising goal. This episode is based off of Napolean Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.

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Episode 19 | How To Be Socially Savvy and NOT Socially Spammy


Your cause is worth so much more than a multi-level marketing product, so don’t follow their lead if you want to be socially savvy. Learn how to be your true, authentic self and still connect potential donors to your cause using social media.


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Episode 17 | Why You Need a Campaign Chair


Great success comes from great leadership. Some nonprofit staff believe they can raise funds alone without volunteer leadership not knowing that this is a bad plan. Learn how a lead volunteer can make all the difference for your cause and why you need to start today to find your next campaign chair.


For more info or to connect with Mary, visit: MaryValloni.com

Episode 14 | How to do life with your future donors


If you are dealing with donor fatigue or donor burnout, Mary shares how to avoid burnout altogether and if burnout has set in how to turn those relationships around. Learn how to ask for help from potential new donors and how to love on your current donors so they keep coming back!


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Episode 12 | How Can Your Nonprofit Get More Media Awareness?


Mary interviews communications advisor, Joel Kessel, who has been working with the media for nearly 25 years. He shares not only his expertise in the field of communications, but also his experience as a nonprofit volunteer and donor.


For more information or to connect with Joel, visit joelkessel.com.


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