Episode 94 – Part 2: A Deeper Look at the Enneagram and Money

On this week’s show we continue the conversation on the Enneagram where we break down each number by money strengths, weaknesses and advice given by people of the same number.

The Enneagram is broken down into 9 types including:

1. The Reformer – The Rational & Idealistic Type

2. The Helper – The Caring & Interpersonal Type

3. The Achiever – The Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type

4. The Individualist – The Sensitive, Withdrawn Type

5. The Investigator – The Intense, Cerebral Type

6. The Loyalist – The Committed, Security-Oriented Type

7. The Enthusiast – The Busy, Fun-Loving Type

8. The Challenger – The Powerful, Dominating Type

9. The Peacemaker – Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type

To get your Enneagram number, visit http://exploreyourtype.com or http://enneagraminstitute.com.

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