Episode 98 | The 3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Do Anything

On today’s podcast we take a trip down memory lane and we look at all the things we’ve wanted. What have you always wanted? Do you want to start a new fundraiser? Build that new building? Pay off debt? 

We address these 3 questions you should ask yourself…

1. What do I want?

2. Why do I want it?

3. How can I get it?

So what do you want and let’s go after it in 2019!

Here are just a few resources we talked about on the show today.

1. Apply by December 14th for my 18-month program, Fundraising Freedom Academy, to create your killer signature fundraiser in 2019 – Apply at http://bit.ly/applyforffa. 

2. Catch the recording of last week’s training on the “7 Year-End Fundraising Secrets Every Nonprofit Should Know” at http://maryvalloni.com/7secrets.

3. Join Eric Eaton, founder of the Knights of Heroes Foundation, and I LIVE on December 11th at 1pm CST for a FREE online training on “How to Start a 6-Figure Charity Fundraiser” – register now at http://maryvalloni.com/webinar. 

For more information about Mary Valloni and to get her weekly resources by email, visit http://maryvalloni.com. To join our fundraising community on Facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/fundraisingfreedomtribe/

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