Episode 21 | How To Create a Burning Desire To Reach Your Fundraising Goal


Get the 6 steps you need to create a burning desire and reach your fundraising goal. This episode is based off of Napolean Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.

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Episode 19 | How To Be Socially Savvy and NOT Socially Spammy


Your cause is worth so much more than a multi-level marketing product, so don’t follow their lead if you want to be socially savvy. Learn how to be your true, authentic self and still connect potential donors to your cause using social media.


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Episode 17 | Why You Need a Campaign Chair


Great success comes from great leadership. Some nonprofit staff believe they can raise funds alone without volunteer leadership not knowing that this is a bad plan. Learn how a lead volunteer can make all the difference for your cause and why you need to start today to find your next campaign chair.


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Episode 14 | How to do life with your future donors


If you are dealing with donor fatigue or donor burnout, Mary shares how to avoid burnout altogether and if burnout has set in how to turn those relationships around. Learn how to ask for help from potential new donors and how to love on your current donors so they keep coming back!


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Episode 12 | How Can Your Nonprofit Get More Media Awareness?


Mary interviews communications advisor, Joel Kessel, who has been working with the media for nearly 25 years. He shares not only his expertise in the field of communications, but also his experience as a nonprofit volunteer and donor.


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