Episode 96 | 10 Ways to Give and Not Take on Giving Tuesday

A common mistake made on Giving Tuesday is to tell people “It’s Giving Tuesday!” and then ask for their money. Instead of going that route this year, let’s consider giving and not taking by doing one or more of the following…

1. Share helpful resources.

2. Answer donor questions.

3. Showcase your donors with a picture and quote about why they give.

4. Repost or share your donors’ fundraising campaigns and relevant content.

5. Post a FB live thank-you video or email your supporters a personalized thank you video. I recommend checking out Loom – https://www.useloom.com.

6. Provide exclusive access to your board chair or charity Executive Director.

7. Show impact with a story or interview.

8. Show gratitude for your staff, volunteers and donors.

9. Connect donors to each other.

10. On your private FB page, invite your supporters to post and share about their business end-of-the-year promotion.

Good luck on your #GivingTuesday campaign. Update us on your campaign in the Fundraising Freedom Tribe page.

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