Episode 114 | How to Create a Winning Sponsorship Packet

It is common to assume that our potential donors know exactly how they can give and serve our causes. But could you imagine if you walked into a restaurant, sat down at a table, and the waiter or waitress never gave you a menu? I’m sure you’d be annoyed and frustrated and probably wouldn’t come back, which is exactly what your donors are doing.

Our prospective donors need us to tell them how they can help and the best way we can do that is by creating a winning sponsorship packet. Whether you’re raising funds for operating expenses, a project like a building campaign, or a fundraising event a sponsorship, often called a case document, is essential. 

We talk through the essential components of the packet found on page 75 of my book, Fundraising Freedom, in addition to how you can use the FREEDOM Steps to build out that winning packet. Ask yourself the following questions as you create your winning sponsorship packet.

1. Focus Your Vision – What do you have to offer?

2. Run Your Research – Who are your potential sponsors?

3. Enlist Your Team – Who would say yes (make a list)?

4. Enhance Your Brand – What do you need in your packet?

5. Deploy Your Team – Who can schedule the appointment? 

6. Organize Your Ask – What questions do you need to ask to find out if they are a good fit?

7. Make Your Difference – What did you provide that warrants your sponsor giving again? 

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