Episode 100 | The #1 Thing Holding You Back From Fulfilling Your 2019 Goals

Today’s episode is the last episode of 2018 and the last episode before a new name change for 2019! Catch the #1 thing holding you back and we’ll talk through the 20 things successful people do to achieve their goals so you’re all set for 2019. The 20 things include…

1. They make time for what they want.

2. If they don’t know how to do something they figure it out – If it’s been done before you can always find a roadmap to get there.

3. They are committed.

4. They don’t give up.

5. They take action.

6. They focus on success and not on the fear of failure.

7. Failure makes them better.

8. They follow a proven plan.

9. They have specific goals with dates and times.

10. They listen to only those who win.

11. They have very few goals with laser focus.

12. They have confidence in themselves.

13. They surround themselves with only amazing people who meet and exceed their goals.

14. They spend time on only the most important tasks.

15. They focus on the infinite game – the vision.

16. They have crazy drive and motivation.

17. They have inspirational goals.

18. They are focused and don’t get distracted easily.

19. They don’t make excuses.

20. They actually go after what they want.

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