Episode 120 | Strategic Planning with Joel Kessel

Today’s guest is my dear friend and new business partner, Joel Kessel.

I love talking strategy and in this episode Joel shares his 8-Steps to a successful strategic plan including:

Step 1 ==> Plan-To-Plan

Step 2 ==> Environmental Scan

Step 3 ==> Ideal Future Vision

Step 4 ==> Current State Assessment

Step 5 ==> Areas of Focus

Step 6 ==> Performance Measures and Targets

Step 7 ==> Tactics

Step 8 ==> Plan-To-Implement

We also share all the details to our brand NEW program, the Nonprofit Executive Club!

To find out more about Joel, visit https://www.kesselstrategies.com/nonprofit/ <http://kesselstrategies.com/nonprofit> and to join the Nonprofit Executive Club, visit https://www.nonprofitexecutiveclub.com.

For more information about Mary Valloni, visit http://maryvalloni.com and to download our free Fundraising Freedom Roadmap, go to http://maryvalloni.com/roadmap

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