Episode 99 | The 5 Things Charities Are Doing Really Well

Instead of focusing on what doesn’t work, let’s talk about what is working! On today’s episode, we talk through 5 things that charities are doing really well this holiday season. We reflect back on episodes 72-77 where we talk about the 6 Principles of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. I share real examples of how you can implement these ideas into your communication as you engage with your donors and volunteers at the end of the year. 

To check out the Junior Achievement/Citi Commercial I mention, go to https://www.ispot.tv/ad/d_6f/citi-progress-makers-junior-achievement. 

To be a part of the 100th episode of the show, send your text or voicemail message with your #1 challenge to achieve your 2019 fundraising goal along with your fundraising questions. Listen in for all the details.

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