Episode 117 – What Breaks Your Heart and How Can You Use That to Raise Funds

Today we may get a bit emotional, but as you know emotions are important especially when raising funds for your cause. 

In this episode we tackle 3 important questions (that I totally stole from my friend, Mike!). 

They include:

1. What Pisses You Off? (The Injustice)

2. What Breaks Your Heart? (The Compassion)

3. What is the Big Problem You Are Trying to Solve? (Your Cause)

I also shared about the new “Club” I’m launching with my friend, Joel. If you’re interested in being a part of the first group, email me at mailto:mary@maryvalloni.com and tell me you want in! I’ll give you all the details to get started!

For more information about Mary Valloni, visit http://maryvalloni.com and to download our free Fundraising Freedom Roadmap, go to http://maryvalloni.com/roadmap

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