Episode 121 | Enneagram and Intentionality with Teresa McCloy

Culture in the U.S. is driven by success and the Enneagram teaches that every type has a driver/motivator.  

Teresa McCloy has been married to her husband Dale for 36 years and live on a 3rd generation family grain farm in Central Illinois. Now that she’s living and leading her passion, the joy has returned to her everyday, ordinary REALIFE! It continues to be a process and she wants you to feel the joy too.

Learning Points from This Episode:

Explanation of the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a drawing of 9 different personality styles, or a map, to guide and lead us to name our story and be aware of how the story is moving authentically through the styles.  

The 9 types include:

  1. Reformer:  Rational, principles, self-controlled
  2. Helper:  Caring, generous, possessive
  3. Achiever:  Adaptable, ambitious, image-conscious
  4. Individualist:  Intuitive, aesthetic, self-absorbed
  5. Investigator:  Perceptive, innovative, detached
  6. Loyalist:  Engaging, responsible, defensive
  7. Enthusiast:  Upbeat, accomplished, impulsive
  8. Challenger:  Self-confident, decisive, domineering
  9. Peacemaker:  Receptive, reassuring, complacent

REALIFE Process®: This is a 5-step system to help people live their life intentionally.

5 steps of intentionality include:

  1. What do you want to be moving towards?
  2. What are your values?
  3. How do you manage that in time on your calendar?
  4. How do you take a sabbath day/how do you have fun in your life?
  5. How do you do you review and start all over again?

We can’t do everything, but we can choose the things that are the most important.  What in the next 90 days are the 1-3 things you want to move forward in business and personal life?  Look at these as projects instead of goals – only do 3 big bucket projects in 90 days.  Ask yourself, what do I value?  What do I want to see on my calendar?  It’s not practical to tackle everything at once.  You may have 12 projects that need to get done but breaking them down into bite-sized pieces makes the projects more manageable.  

How do you mix Enneagram with REALIFE Process®?

If you get to know yourself through daily/weekly examinations, you can make decisions and move forward.  We’re more than our type, we’re connected with our head, heart, and gut.  

Centers of Intelligence: 

  • 8,9,1: Instinctual center (gut) – honest, direct, make decisions this way
  • 2,3,4: Feeling center (heart) – are we taking care of our people?  Image conscious, how are others perceiving me.  “This is how I feel about that…”
  • 5,6,7:  Thinking center (head) – process through careful planning and taking action, worry about things, gather information about things.  

Once we discover which we are, we can learn how we connect with the other centers and figure out how to access more of the others.  

Enneagram is about how to identify and understand yourself.  It’s how you process information as well as how you see the world; the “tape that’s playing in your head.”  

  • Gut center says, “I’ve had enough, not done enough”
  • Heart center says, “I’m not enough, I must prove I’m enough”
  • Head center says, “I won’t have enough, because I don’t have enough information.”

How can someone in nonprofit/business use this?  

When presenting information to others, many times we do it through our own lens, not realizing we’re leaving out 2/3 of the people.  Who is my audience?  Need more info?  Make quick decisions?  Want to make sure you appeal to all three centers.  The Enneagram isn’t about manipulating others, it’s learning how to really love other people well as well as how we relate to others.

Parting wisdom: every ordinary day has extraordinary moments and we just have to look for them.  Don’t miss the moments.

You can listen to Teresa McCloy on her podcast: Enneagram in Your Real Life, join one of her free social media groups, or go to teresamccloy.com for more information.

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