Episode 109 | 3 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Motivate Board Members to Fundraise

In this episode we not only talk through the three reasons why it’s hard to motivate your board members (or advisory group), but we also dig in and talk through what you can do to turn things around.  

Here are the resources we talked about on today’s show:

Free webinar training for board members is this Tuesday, March 12th at 1pm CST on the “7 Fundraising Secrets Every Nonprofit Board Member Should Know”, register at http://bit.ly/7boardsecrets

To catch last week’s training on the “7 Proven Strategies to Overcome Fundraising Failure”, watch the recording at bit.ly/7provenstrategies.

To apply for the Spring Class of Fundraising Freedom Academy, go to http://bit.ly/applyforffa

For more information about Mary Valloni, visit http://maryvalloni.com and to join our Fundraising Freedom community on Facebook, go to http://facebook.com/groups/fundraisingfreedomtribe/

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