Episode 141 | When is Enough…Enough?

As we talk about goal planning in the new year, it is easy to fall into one-upping ourselves and wanting bigger, better, more.  When is enough, enough?  My answer is, never.  Our vision should be so big that it’s something we probably won’t accomplish in our lifetimes.  Of course, there will be goals on your list that you’ll be able to knock off.  That’s when you go back to the drawing board and determine where you can raise the bar. 

When it comes to fundraising, there are definitely times when you ask yourself when is enough, enough because the goal keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I believe when your goal and vision is big enough, the dollars will rise to that challenge.  Oftentimes, when I talk to people about their fundraising goals the answer I get is the biggest possible number.  And I want to challenge you today to start thinking about the dream.  Instead of saying, “this is what I think is possible,” I want you to look at the vision, look at what you’re trying to accomplish on the mission side, and talk to yourself about what it is financially going to take to accomplish that mission. 

When you look at your 2020 goals, start thinking about how you can actually set yourself up for success so that you are continually motivated to work toward to big vision.  But it all comes back to is your vision big enough?  Is it actually the vision you want?  One of the things I encourage you to do is to not miss out on step 1 of my FREEDOM process, which is Focus Your Vision.  If you set your sights on something small, that is not motivating.  As a donor, that does not make me want to give more money this year because I don’t know what you’re accomplishing or where you’re headed.  Are we even making a difference?

I hope for you that you can put your head down and sprint toward the goal because you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  If you’re not, this is the season for you to figure out what’s next.  And that’s ok.  Sometimes you go through seasons where you love your work and it’s going great, but you get to that enough is enough point.  It’s ok to be able to hang that up and try something new. 

All I want for you is to be really proud of what you do and to never feel like it’s a waste of your time and energy. I hope you can see the results of the work you are doing every single day.  That’s why the very last step of my process is to make your difference and celebrate with the people who got you there.  Celebrate with your entire team.  I believe there is something special about celebrating what you’ve achieved together.  I’m hopeful for 2020 and my hope for you is that you continue working toward your goals and vision and to know that what you’re doing is enough. 

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